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A Picture's Worth

a thousand words...

An icon journal with very little rhyme or reason! *lol* I post icons of things that amuse me, some with text, and some without. Feel free to customize any of the bases I put up, but leave a message in the comments telling me that you've taken whichever ones you've taken - I love to know who's using my stuff.

So there's only three real rules:

Comment if you taken one or more just so I know people are using my stuff.

Credit me in the keywords, cause we all like to know we're appreciated ;)

Don't Direct Link cause that just irks me. If you need a place to host your icons, Photobucket is a wonderful place.

* If you wanna nominate any of my icons, drop me a line - just cause I like knowing people like my stuff :)

Resources: Here

Posting Access: takenote_icons // buttah_icons // magnifiqueicons // profound_icons

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Note: All of my entries are organized by topic in the memories, for your searching pleasure.

Personal Journal: chasingkerouac